Water Restoration

Let Our Technicians Stop Water From Damaging Your Car

If your vehicle has been damaged due to water, fire, or other factors that can cause corrosion, you must bring it to Andy’s Auto Electric. Water damage in particular is a time-sensitive matter that requires immediate attention to minimize further damage and costs. Our team is honest about our work, and we can give you the best advice to resolve your problem.

Electrical Damage

Once they have hit the water, your electrical components will start to corrode. We can treat and restore all affected items as well as drain any fluids and filters. At Andy’s Auto Electric, we do everything that’s required to put your vehicle safely back on the road.

Insurance Claims

After you submit your claim, our technicians will go over your vehicle with the insurance adjuster to make sure all issues are addressed. Andy’s Auto Electric will work closely with your insurance company to help process your claim. We will also make sure to keep you completely informed.

Contact Our Shop Today

There’s no time to spare when dealing with water damage. Get in touch with our skilled technicians now so that we can immediately work on your vehicle to prevent further damage.